Why Liability Insurance Is Important For Your Car

I was driving home from work with a friend in my car when I received a text on my phone.  Curious to see who it was, I grabbed the phone from my pocket and tried to take a quick look at it. Before I knew it, the car in front of me had stopped and I had rear-ended the car going 45 mph. This caused my friend and I to lurch forward and hit the steering wheel and the windshield .

The car in front of me was badly damaged and the people inside it were seriously injured. As the cops and tow truck came to the scene, I knew I didn’t have liability insurance.  As a consequence, I was left paying for all damages and medical expenses.

I didn’t account for getting into a car crash and I didn’t think I would! Therefore, I didn’t think that I needed liability insurance. The outcome far exceeded the the price I would have to pay if I had liability insurance.

In total, my medical expenses were $3,000. My friend had $14,000 in expenses which he didn’t have so he sued me for it. In addition, the people I hit sued me for damages and medical expenses totaling $30,000.  Now, I have close to $50,000 in expenses and have my license suspended and a ticket for no insurance and driving too fast.

Now, I am suffering the consequences and not purchasing liability insurance has become a big regret.  To think that I would have to pay on $35 a month for liability insurance versus almost $50,000 in damages and medical expenses is certainly one of the bigger mistakes I have made in my life.