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No matter where you call home, car insurance is essential. Not only does it protect you and your loved ones, it’s also required by law. And at Lincoln Auto Insurance, we recognize that shopping for affordable car insurance in Chicago can be an uphill battle. Between determining what you need and finding the best deal, it’s no wonder so many drivers feel overwhelmed and underserved. But with Lincoln Auto on your side, the process of insuring your vehicle has never been easier. Since 1955, our agents have specialized in helping you get affordable coverage, convenient payment options, and outstanding service. Get a quote today, and learn more about affordable auto insurance in Chicago.


The Lincoln Advantage

For a city that never stops moving, cheap car insurance in Chicago may not be hard to find. But what about finding an agency that delivers on coverage without compromising on affordability? At Lincoln Auto Insurance, we have over 65 years of experience providing the most affordable car insurance rates in Chicago. Our policies will keep you in compliance with Illinois state laws while covering medical bills, property damage, damage by uninsured motorists, and much more. Having plenty of options for cheap auto insurance in Illinois is great, but always make sure the agency you choose knows what sufficient coverage really means. Whether you need insurance for your car, van, pickup truck, or something in between, Lincoln Auto is standing by to get you the lowest quote today!


The Right Plan for the Right Price

As your local Chicago auto insurance agency, we understand that finding the right policy is about more than just peace of mind. We care about the bottom line, and you should too. When shopping for an affordable car insurance agency in Illinois and beyond, be sure to go over all the options available to you. The most common policies are liability policies that meet the state of Illinois auto insurance mandate. Most drivers choose liability insurance for the affordable premiums and low cost compliance with the law. However, many other drivers choose collision and comprehensive coverage to take into account other risk factors. And further still, if you have a less-than-perfect driving record, you might require a special type of policy known as SR22 insurance.


What Liability Insurance Covers

  • Bodily Injury Liability pays all claims for which you may be held liable up to $25,000 for injury to or death of one person and up to $50,000 for injuries to or death of two or more persons in any one accident.
  • Property Damage Liability pays for damages caused by your automobile to the property of others, for which you are legally liable up to $20,000.
  • Uninsured Motorist Insurance pays for bodily injury to you and your passengers by an uninsured motorist or hit and run driver up to $25,000 for each person or $50,000 for each accident.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Beginning in 2021, the Illinois Secretary of State has begun cracking down on auto insurance mandates. In order to avoid significant fines and legal repercussions, you must be currently enrolled in liability insurance for your vehicle. To learn more about the changes to Illinois’ auto insurance requirements, check out our blog post Do I Need Auto Insurance?


Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

For drivers who go the extra mile, collision and comprehensive insurance might be the right choice to guarantee your needs are met no matter what life throws at you. Unlike a leaner liability policy, comprehensive policies cover all loss or damage to your car, less deductible, regardless of fault. That includes collision, upset, fire, theft, lightning, natural hazards, vandalism, riot, and much more. For reliable collision and comprehensive insurance that won’t break the bank, contact us today for a quote.


Who Should Consider Collision and Comprehensive Policies?

  • If you are financing your vehicle, it is required that you have collision and comprehensive insurance.
  • If your vehicle is valued at over $3000, you should consider a collision and comprehensive policy in order to protect your investment.
  • If you anticipate a high volume of city driving, street parking, inclement weather, or other hazardous conditions, collision and comprehensive coverage may be right for you.
  • If you already have liability insurance but are looking for additional coverage that fits your budget, you might consider collision and comprehensive insurance.


The Special Case of SR22

SR22 insurance may be required if you have certain violations or distinctions on your driving record. While the process may seem confusing, Lincoln Auto is here to get you your SR22 insurance quickly and with no hidden costs. Find out more about SR22 insurance, and let us help you get back on the road safely. 


Discounts and Special Rates

In addition to already affordable premiums, you may be eligible for discounts or special rates dependent on the following conditions…

  • Renewal policies
  • Vehicles with alarms
  • Owners of two or more cars
  • Previous coverage


Our City, Our Home

For over 65 years, Lincoln Auto Insurance has provided low cost car insurance to Chicago drivers with convenience, care, and flexibility. Chicago roadways are the lifeblood of our hometown, and we have made it our mission to keep Chicago drivers safe, compliant, and covered. Other companies, from giant corporations to regional newcomers, might promise you cheap car insurance but leave you high and dry when it comes time to make a claim. At Lincoln Auto, we compete with the most affordable car insurance rates in Chicago, all while maintaining the level of coverage you need. Taking care of your vehicle in the big city can sometimes feel like a chore, but with our committed team of local Chicago auto insurance agents, it will feel like a breeze. Call Lincoln Auto Insurance at 312-666-8800 today to find out more, or answer a few quick questions to get your lowest quote

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